Deadwood Stagecoach

One of the most recognizable and historic Old West icons in existence is the famous Deadwood Stagecoach. Deadwood Alive continues the legacy and romanticism of the Deadwood Stagecoach still notorious throughout the globe today. The stagecoach was the primary mode of travel in areas that had little or no rail transportation. This is essentially true for Deadwood - the stagecoach was used extensively to carry mail, gold and people from 1876 until the arrival of the railroad in December 1890. You can experience the same mode of transportation used during the Black Hills Gold Rush which brought men and women of all types and characters into the gulch while traveling up and down Historic Main Street. Riders need not fear being filled with buckshot but we encourage you to stay aware of desperadoes and bandits who may search the coach for gold and treasures. The Stagecoach operates daily during Peak Season and on weekends during the spring and fall seasons. Stagecoach boards next to the Celebrity Hotel at The Lucky Horse Stage Stop every half hour starting at 9:00am and with the last ride occurring at 1:00pm. All inquiries within 7 days of arrival must go directly to The Lucky Horse Stage Stop. No advance reservations within 7 days of arrival. 2 and under may sit on lap, and are free to ride. Blackout Dates Apply: Wild Bill Days June 18-20, Days of '76 Rodeo July 27-31, August 1-15th, August 25-29, and September 17-18.

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