Top 10 list of things to do at Mount Rushmore 

There are some exciting upgrades coming to Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The enhancements will address deferred maintenance, visitor safety and accessibility to the memorial. Please note that the memorial is OPEN during construction and if all goes as planned, everything will be ready by Memorial Day 2020. 


TOP 10 list for 2020

  1. Visit the Sculptor’s Studio and learn more about the carver’s vision. Discover park history in the Information Center.
  2. Hike the Presidential Trail. Explore the Lakota, Nakota, & Dakota Heritage at the Borglum View Terrace.
  3. Take a picture of the sculpture from various unique angles, like the Carver’s Cafe, Borglum View Terrace & the Sculptor’s Studio.
  4. Attend the evening lighting ceremony, held nightly throughout the summer, for a uniquely inspirational experience.
  5. Hunt for a treasure in the gift shop that will forever remind you of your Mount Rushmore experience.
  6. Find a book or memento at the Mount Rushmore Bookstores in the Information Center or Sculptor’s Studio.
  7. Become an official Junior Ranger when you participate in either the paper or digital version of the Junior Ranger Program.
  8. Rent a multimedia hand-held photo/video tour or an audio tour wand to learn even more about the sculpture and its story.
  9. Take advantage of the immense knowledge of the Memorial’s park rangers when you join a ranger walk or talk.
  10. Enjoy a scoop of Thomas Jefferson ice cream from the Carver’s Cafe — based on the first written recipe for ice cream in the United States.

The Information Center, Audio Tour, Restrooms, Gift Shop and Carver’s Café & Ice Cream shop terrace area with breathtaking views of the monument are all OPEN! The Nature Trail across from the Parking Lot takes you to the Borglum View Terrace and Civilian Conservation Corps stairs that lead to the original Historic Viewing Area. The Sculptor’s Studio, which is the artist’s original studio, gives his perspective and vision of the monument to visitors. The Presidential Trail is also open to the turnaround. Great Views of the monument are available for every venue! Plus…the lighting ceremony, while abbreviated, is still occurring every evening. The ranger talk, retiring of the flag and the illumination of the sculpture continues. Gib Young, who reenacts Teddy Roosevelt is in the park on five days. There is so much to see and experience at Mount Rushmore! Check the web site for more details:

NEWS FLASH: According to Xanterra, the concessionaire at Mt Rushmore, if all goes well the avenue of flags and the museum will open by Memorial Day 2020. Xanterra is also working with the National Park Service to show a movie about the carving of Mt Rushmore every half hour in the Carvers Café. A new 72 inch monitor will play the National Parks Channel and then the movie. They will also provide space in the dining room for NPS interpretive programming. Xanterra expects to begin these programs in the fall. Stay tuned for more information.