Visiting Interior, South Dakota

Located on the southeastern edge of Badlands National Park, Interior, South Dakota, is the ideal community to stay in if you want to catch a sunrise or sunset in the park. Stay in a hotel or campground and enjoy the beauty, and mystery, of this one-of-a-kind park.

Where to Stay in Interior

The southern unit of Badlands National Park is considered the park’s wilderness area. Wilderness camping is a popular activity in this area because it is the most underdeveloped section of the park. For adventure seekers who prefer a warm bed and comfortable lodging, Interior offers that too.

What to Do in Interior

Badlands National Park with its lunar-like surfaces is a place like no other. The movement of the sun throughout the day changes the look of the colorful sediment in the buttes and spires. Casting shadows also change the landscape creating even more mystery in this park named “bad land” by early settlers because of its difficult terrain and barren soil. Professional and amateur photographers alike can capture beautiful, out-of-this-world images at all times of the day.

The Ben Reifel Visitor Center is located off Badlands Loop Road in Interior. The center is open year-round and is the park’s main headquarters. Visitors can view exhibits and learn about prehistoric fossils found in the park. A gift shop and restaurant are open seasonally.

If you love stargazing, you’ll love the view from Badlands National Park. With no major city lights to disrupt the view visitors can be exposed to more than 7,500 stars on any given night. During the summer months, Park Rangers offer a night sky program (complete with telescopes) and point out constellations, stars, and planets.

The diverse landscape makes horseback riding is a popular activity in and around Interior. Visitors can bring their own horses or contact nearby lodges and trail ride companies.

Interior lodging