Oct 11, 2020
Oct 10, 2020
Oct 9, 2020
Rushmore Plaza Civic Center - 444 Mt. Rushmore Rd. Rapid City, SD, 57701

October 9 - 11, 2020. Come and enjoy the beauty of Great Plains Native American song and dance.  The Black Hills Powwow has become one of the premier American Indian cultural events in the United States.  Thousands gather for this three day event featuring song and dance competitions as well as a fine arts show, He Sapa Win pageant, wellness symposium for youth, and tournaments for hand games, softball, golf, and archery.

2020 Black Hills Pow Wow events are open to the public and held primarily indoors. Advice for spectators from the Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates includes: Attend with an open mind and be willing to learn and share in the event, when invited to do so; Be respectful of all pow wow participants and their regalia. Don’t touch any part of their outfit or take photos, unless you ask for permission first. If a piece of a dancer’s regalia is dropped – leave it be. Let the dancer know and they will retrieve it on their own; Pay attention to the master of ceremonies and stand during the grand entrance, honor songs and any other times when requested to do so; Above all, enjoy the experience and if you are unsure of anything, be sure to ask a member of the pow wow committee for clarification.

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