Circle B Chuckwagon

12138 Ray Smith Dr
Hill City, SD

A visit to the Circle B Ranch Chuckwagon is like stepping back in time. Guests can enjoy our relaxed western setting, browse in the Wild Horse Gift Shop, sip a cold sarsaparilla in the Circle B Stage Stop, or watch the world-class woodcarver, Doug Ladd, shape one of his creations.
The Circle B Chuckwagon Suppers and Cowboy Music Show is the only chuckwagon in South Dakota that qualifies to be a member of the Chuckwagons of the West Association, a membership that assures their customers the highest quality in food, music, and western hospitality.
After supper, the Circle B Cowboys entertain their guests with old-time western music and ranch humor.

Other Activities Include:

Model Calf Roping
You can't be a good cowboy without being able to rope a steer. At the Circle B Ranch, everyone gets to try their hand at model calf roping. The smiles that occur when a little one or even an adult ropes his first calf head are priceless.
Wax Bullet Pistol Shooting
This has been a fun activity for the last several years for children as well as adults. Sheriff Dale helps everyone make their own wax bullets and instructs them how to shoot at targets with an authentic Colt 45. The cost for Wax Bullet Pistol Shooting is $3.
Gem Panning
What western experience would be complete without a little gem panning? At the Circle B panning trough, you can find turquoise, rose quartz, garnets, amethyst, plus other gems. The joke is always “can you find enough to pay for your supper tonight”!

Supper is served in our Chuckwagon barn - rain or shine! The ticket booth opens at 4:30 pm and seating is assigned at that time.The gun-shootout is at 6:00 pm followed by the Cowboy Supper and Music show.

Fixins Include: Foil wrapped baked potatoes, cowboy beans, chunky applesauce, biscuits, spice cake, hot cowboy coffee and cold lemonade.

All prices include Supper and Cowboy Music Show

Circle B Chuckwagon Deals

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Save $1 off Chicken, Roast Beef Dinner or Hot Dog
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