MANN Energy Services PBR

When you think of Bull Riding many things come to mind, but picture this: a 2000 lb bovine being conquered by a man with no fear! THIS is part of the tradition – THIS is the tradition of BULL RIDING!

Bull Riding is one of the most extreme sports known to man and the BEST of the BEST belong to the Professional Bull Riders.

The inaugural Mann Energy Services PBR Touring Pro, will be one of the most anticipated summer events in the region!

When you put together some of the top PBR bull riders in the world against 8 time PBR Stock Contractor of the Year, Chad Berger Bucking Bulls, it’s a bull ride that you won’t forget!

Take the opportunity to be part of the “EDGE OF YOUR SEAT” action!

When: August 16 - 17

Where: KillDeer Rodeo Grounds, Killdeer, ND

Gates Open: 6:00 PM

Event Start Time: 7:00 PM